Monday, August 6, 2012

Recycle! Reuse! Item: Old Toolbox

I am adding a new component to the Ivy Ridge Blog highlighting old items and repurposing them into new as I find unique ideas on Pinterest and other sources. I love a good project as long as it is fast and easy! This simple flower box does not require repainting since the rustic aged toolbox has character as it is. Simple attach it using metal brackets (recycled ones would be great, but you can also find great brackets at your local hardware store).

Planting tip: This is shown with pansies. Since fall is around the corner, go ahead and plant your pansies as cool weather begins. Pansies will be much fuller and healthier if they are planted early too late fall. Through winter, they will grow a better root foundation and flourish in the spring. For very cold weather, simply cover them with a light layer of pine needles.  ~ Angela

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