Monday, April 25, 2011

Two Left Feet = One Broken Leg

Just wanted to let everyone know I will be out of the shops for a few weeks (only visiting) after breaking my femur in my left leg on Saturday, April 16th with a goofy fall at home. It was actually prom night for Mackenzie and I was rushing around trying to get the house ready for friends and family to see her all dressed up. My feet got tangled up (for lack of better words) and I actually fell just quickly walking from the sunroom to the den. No one believed my story, because the doctor at Wilkes Regional said he only saw such severe breaks like mine from people how jumped off brick buildings or hit by a large football player. Oh, well- I always try to do everything I do "big".

Because of concerns that I had other complications with my bones including possible bone cancer or poor bone density, the WRMC staff decided after much discussion to transfer me to UNC Hospital in Chapel Hill late Sunday night. After surgery on Monday, April 18th, I was home on Tuesday evening with 3 bolts and a rod in my leg and according to the doctor super strong healthy bones. The UNC doc actually called me a super star! Everyone was amazed that I was up and walking with a walker just one day after such a huge surgery. I am blessed to be mobile even with a walker and expected to be back on my feet within 3 weeks.

It is Tuesday? Being at home all the time I lose track of the days, however last night I ventured out with my family to Subway with my walker. I am pain medicine free and feeling good! I am hoping to be at the NW shop for a few hours a day by the end of the week with my walker. I will just be visiting to see everyone and promised my family I will sit while I am there. It will be good to be back even if it is for a few hours.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I will certainly need them. I am not one to sit still, so I am struggling with the thoughts of probably another week at least using a walker. I will certainly miss everyone. ~ Angela

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Brighton Ears to You Begins on Friday!

Everyone loves something FREE! Join us for our BRIGHTON EARS TO YOU event beginning tomorrow, April 22nd through May 8th. Purchase a Brighton necklace and a bracelet and get a FREE pair of earrings! (Note: Must be purchased at the same time and previous purchases are not eligible.)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just in time for Easter! The Little Princess for the Little Vera Girl!

Make this Easter season special for your little princess by getting her this adorable petite bag, all dressed up for that perfect occasion.  Avaiable in our four new summer colors, Watercolor (pictured), Deco Daisy, English Meadows and Viva la Vera.  Specially priced at $24.00 (retail value $34).  Shop now while supplies last at both our Ivy Ridge locations.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Brighton Flip Flops at Both Shops!

This is one of my favorite new Spring Arrivals!  They are available in whole sizes, so don't let your size get gone!  We have to reorder 12 pairs at a time, so we can not place a quick order for just a size 6.  As always we will call back and forward to each shop to find your size if it is not in stock at one location.  (Retail $39.99)