Friday, July 30, 2010

Ivy Ridge Facebook is All About Ice Cream!

This week's Facebook contest is all about ice cream, because I want an ice cream maker! If you post a comment on the Ivy Ridge Facebook wall about your favorite ice cream flavor, the brand of ice cream maker you enjoy or ice cream making experience, then you could win a $25.00 Gift Certificate. I am on hunt for the perfect electric machine that is easy to use, makes great ice cream and fits into a small apartment kitchen!

Below are two of my favorite recipes I have found online that I am dying to make!

Homemade Ice Cream Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe
3 egg yolks (beaten)
1/2 pint milk
1/2 pint double/heavy cream
4 oz sugar
2 cups of strawberries
1 teaspoon of vanilla

Take the strawberries and mash them in with half the sugar (2 oz) in a bowl. Place in the refrigerator while making the rest of the recipe. In a separate saucepan, mix the egg yolks with the milk, salt and the remaining sugar. Place over a medium heat just to boiling point (stirring all the time). DO NOT LET IT BOIL. Transfer the mixture into a chilled bowl to cool. When cool place in the refrigerator for up to 3 hours, remembering to stir the mixture from time to time. When cool, stir into the mixture the cream and vanilla and then blend in the strawberry/sugar mixture. Transfer the complete mixture into an ice cream maker and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Chocolate Velvet Ice Cream~reminds me of a chocolate frozen mousse.
2/3 cup white sugar
1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
3 egg yolks, beaten
2 2/3 cups heavy cream
1/3 cup semisweet chocolate chips

In large bowl, stir together sugar and cocoa. Add egg yolks and blend with electric mixer. Add cream a little at a time, beating well after each addition. Chill mixture in refrigerator. While cream mixture is chilling, grate chocolate chips in blender or food processor or using a rotary grater, until fine. Stir into cream mixture. Freeze in canister of ice cream maker according to manufacturer's instructions. (Yields 1 Quart. This recipe contains raw eggs. We recommend that pregnant women, young children, the elderly and the infirm do not consume raw eggs.)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Art on the Way!

I have just order new artwork for both shops. I wanted to share a few of my favorites. They will be delivered in 4 to 5 weeks and as always we will be glad to call you if you like when they arrive. As I looked over my order, I just realized that every print has a nature theme. I love the sweet blue bird in the first print.

A Few Picture Hanging Tips
A great way to avoid mistakes when hanging picture is to trace around pictures on paper, such a roll of gift wrap, you may have at home and make templates. Make sure to mark the each paper template to show which end should be the top and put a small piece of tape on the back of each. Be careful with masking tape, because it can pull the paint off your walls; rather use poster tape. You can now plan your art arrangement without making multiple holes in the wall. One more tip to remember is that objects, either on the wall or a table, always look better in odd numbers (1, 3, 5 etc).

Oh! Think outside the box! Don't always go directly to the safe way of hanging pictures in a straight line. It can sometimes be a little boring, and it's difficult to hang them evenly. Consider staggering the arrangement and use your paper templates to experiment!

If you have a grouping in your home you would like to share, please email me at
Enjoy the day~

Monday, July 26, 2010

4th Market Preview! Your Faith Through Art!

While Mackenzie and I were in Atlanta, we found a company who has the "soul purpose" of creating fun, funky art to help you “show off” your faith and all you believe. In the craziness of life, we hope these prints will be encouraging reminders of God’s love and His promises to us! The three prints pictured above are on their way to our shops for fall, along with five others. Please read on below to discover how the first and most popular image of the Heart and Globe was inspired by God through a wonderful little girl.

"Heart and Globe" Story:
Madison Atwood is a mentally and physically disabled 13-year-old girl who lives in Brentwood, Tennessee. For Christmas 2006, Madison’s mom decided that Madison would paint a picture of a heart as a gift for her dad. An artist friend, Holly, outlined a heart in pencil. She gave Madison the paint brush (one color at a time) and Madison started to trace the outline in lots of bright colors. When Holly gave Madison the turquoise colored brush, she turned her back for a second and Madison colored a big circle over the heart! Everyone initially thought the painting was ruined. But as they looked a little closer, it became clear that the “big blob” was the globe, and the whole image was an example of how big God’s love is for our world. Madison’s “Big Heart, Little Globe” has now become the inspiration for the John 3:16 Heart and Globe print. Now, when Madison sees her picture, she says, “Our world is so small but God’s love is so BIG!” What a wonderful reminder!

As always we will be glad to notfiy you when these arrive at the shops, just give us a call.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Gourmet "Budget" Baked Brie

Everyone has probably noticed that I love to experiment in the kitchen, however I have not perfected my love of cooking. I have managed to discover the cheapest and easiest baked brie in the world that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less!
Baked Brie Recipe
1 tube of refrigerated crescent dinner rolls
1 round or wedge of Brie cheese (do not remove rind)
Raspberry Jam, or other sweet jam
Brown sugar
1/4 cup of maple syrup

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. On a stick-free cookie sheet, lay out the crescent rolls flat; put brie round or wedge on top. Spread jam on brie, fold dough over top, cutting off excess dough. Drizzle maple syrup and place a handful of brown sugar on top. Bake at 350ยบ for 25-30 minutes, pastry should be golden brown. Let cool for 10 minutes before serving. Serve with crackers and apple slices.
Mackenzie and I will often fix this recipe and pair it with a salad for our dinner. I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Three Vera Bradley Back to School Specials!

Last year's Let Do Lunch Special Buy was one of the busiest Vera Bradley days for us all year long! Everyone loved it. Well, it is BACK! Between July 22 throught July 26, you can purchase a Let's Do Lunch bag is various colors for $20 at an 8 dollar savings.

Our Pencil Box and Pencial Pouch Promotion is also on-going. Buy the set for $20 rather than the regular $26!

Finally, get a FREE PAPER CLIPS, when you purchase 2 or more Vera Bradley stationery items.

Monday, July 19, 2010

3rd Market Preview and Heading Home!

We are so excited to find these inspirational plaques that read like the stories of our lives. There will be small ones for 7.99 to large one up to $59.99. When you read these each one will remind you of someone you know. It is like a greeting card with what it says or even a "funny."
There are many more things to arrive at the shops, but for now we will leave them a secret! We are heading home from the Atlanta with a plan to return to the Fall Market later in the year. Hope to see you at the shops soon!

2nd Market Seek Preview! Mad-danas!

This is the perfect $8.99 pick me up buy or a great friend's gift! Look very closely at the sign on top of the display to get an idea of the 10 things you can do with your mad-dana!

Mad-Dana Facts:
· Easy to Use – girls and women of all ages will love it!
· 10 Fun Stylish Fashions – all in a matter of seconds from the same piece!
· Video Demonstration on the Display will be at each shop telling you how to use it!
· 36 Colors and Patterns – fashion forward chic styles!
· Online Video Instructions – so you can create all the fashions!

Again, let us know if you want us to call or email you when they arrive!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

First Seek Preview! Sidekicks!

I have many many days, where I thought those cute shoes were just perfect for my outfit and knowing that they were not comfortable shoes, but I go with it anyway. By 4:00 o'clock I would have loved to pull these out of my desk and put them on for a cute little shoe that adds a breath of comfortable to my tired, sore feet. Now, it is SIDEKICKS to the rescue!

Sidekicks are the essential shoe for the girl on the go. Comfortable and convenient foldable flats that go where you go, and stow away in a stylish matching clutch. Simply roll them out for instant comfort, ease, and style! The perfect companion for travel, formal events, around the office, dancing and nightlife, and maternity comfort. These are foldable, comfortable, and portable. A matching clutch is included. You will also be amazed at the solid construction and the thick, supportive heels.
We would love to call you, when they arrive. Just give us a call or email at either shop to you on the list. Elkin (336) 526-4438 or N. Wilkeboro (336) 667-4556 or email

Friday, July 16, 2010

Back to School Vera Style!

Pencil Box and Pouch from Vera Bradley now $20 for a set! $6.00 savings! Available at both locations! This is not the typical pencils and pouch!

Pencil Box: Math is fun again! Complete with 10 pencils in five pattern-coordinated designs, the Pencil Box will have your student armed and ready for an entire school year. Or, keep it for mom! Use it for your crafting, by the phone for note-taking or in the kitchen for recipe-jotting. Just remember that dull is not an option!

Pencil Pouch: For pencils, pens, art brushes or markers on the go, it’s the Pencil Pouch! Laminated cotton is accented by patent trim. Three heavy-duty grommets make it three-ring binder-compatible, while a charm on the zipper adds a bit of bling. Great for the artist or student.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just 2 More Days for a Chance at a $50 Gift Certificate!

Special thanks to the referrals and friends so far!

Here's how it works :
1) Refer a friend or family member to join our Facebook page and you will be eligible to win a $50.00 gift certificate to use at either Ivy Ridge location. You do not have to be on Facebook to refer, however your friends has to have a Facebook page to join our friends list.

2) For each additional person you refer your name will be entered again, so if you refer 10 people your name will be entered 10 times!

3) IMPORTANT LAST STEP! Have each of your referrals to join our page & appear on our list and post a comment on our wall telling us you referred them. Contest ends Friday, July 16th

Click Here to View Ivy Ridge Facebook Page

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Couple of Angela's Favorite Hidden Treasures

One of my favorite Hidden Treasures at our Elkin Shop!
Mama Says Let Jesus Come Into Your Heart

Mama says…there will be many who will knock at the door to your heart. Mama prays…when Jesus knocks, you will be ready and invite Him in. See Matthew 7:7 (NIV). Sculpture is based on “In His Hands,” a painting portraying members of the artist’s church family where they all take pleasure in the stained glass window of Jesus knocking. You can walk by these pieces and think wow what detail and art, but not realize the "heart." Artist Kathy Andrews Fincher captures precious moments in our children's lives and includes a touching description from Mama's heart. These pieces are all about the heart and look closing for a small red heart all most hidden in each piece, which symbolizes that “Mama’s heart is with her children.”

One of my favorite Hidden Treasures at the North Wilkesboro Shop!

Surrounded by Love
Abundant love surrounds you

The artist, Susan Lordi envisioned this sweet Willow Tree figure with her face in the flowers, taking them in with her senses – smelling then, feeling the petals against her face; feeling safe in that surround. So this piece could say to someone that they are loved by those around them… if a person is experiencing difficulty, it could be a reminder of family and friends who are there for them. It could be a romantic way to say that your love is surrounding one special person… or just a gift for someone who loves to garden. One thing that makes this little girl special is that way people can read this piece differently for different occasions. Another interesting note is the red poppy symbolizes remembrance.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes Are Memories Not Food...

Honestly, when you read this blog entry, you will find this is not a new exciting idea that you have never heard before, rather you will be reminded of the fun of being a kid and baking with your mom and grandmother. Take time to stop and make these with a child you love. You are not make cupcakes, you are making a lifetime of memories!

1 (18.25 ounce) package of your favorite cake mix
1 (16 ounce) your favorite can of frosting or homemade
1 package of flat-bottomed ice cream cones (not sugar cones)
Assorted candy sprinkles & shapes

Prepare cake mix batter according to directions, or make any standard cake recipe batter. Place ice cream cones in the cups of a regular muffin pan. Pour enough batter into each cone to fill from 1/2 to 2/3 full. Bake at time and temperature as recommended for cupcakes on your cake mix package. After they have cooled, frost and decorate with sprinkles or other cool decorations.
A final note: If your children are no longer children, rather adults, considering inviting them over and making these together. Any time spent together is precious no matter what the age.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Babies Are a Little Bit of Heaven on Earth

Having a new baby in the family is one of the most magical moments of your life. The staff at Ivy Ridge love to guide your friends and family in picking out your shower gifts, however you do not have to rely on our choices, rather register for the baby items that you believe would be perfect for your baby. By completing our Baby Registry Wish List, with 10 or more shop items, you know that you will adore every gift and assure yourself of never having to return an item.

A Special Gift for You for Registering with Us!
When you sign up for your registry, you receive a $20.00 gift certificate and 18 complimentary stickers personalized with your name that indicates you are registered with us to attach to your baby shower invitations.

Note: Not having a bundle of joy yourself, would you please pass this along to someone you know would enjoy it.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thank You for Subscribing to Our Blog!

A big thank you to the great people who are subscribing to our blog everyday. Please let me know if you see something that you think we should post. I am always looking for new ideas, tips and recipes. You are welcome to email me at

If you are not receiving our blog to a feed reader format or by email, it is simple. Just enter your email in the subscribe box on the right side of the page or click subscribe in a reader below the email box. I would love to have you on board!

NEW SALE! 30% off Select Spring Vera Bradley Items

NEW! 30% off Spring 2010 Frill, Meet Me in Paris, Yoga Collection, Towels, Flip Flops and some Travel Accessories in Vera Bradley starting today (Saturday, July 10th)! Stop by early for the best selection!

Friday, July 9, 2010

An Amazing Vera Bradley Premiere!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who attended our Vera Bradley Premiere at both our Elkin and North Wilkesboro shops! It was the best Vera Bradley event ever! It was so busy that sadly I did not get any photos. We enjoyed Very Berry Shortcake and some great laughs! I always love to see what bags everyone takes home.

Elkin Premiere!
Congratuations to our Elkin Shop and their wonderful customers, because they actually were the top in sales and attendance! We are so proud of our newest little shop! Honestly, this was a big deal for a shop less then two years old! It has done so well, because it is in a great community with wonderful people. Ms. Cathy and Ms. Steffi had a blast. They immediately called the North Wilkesboro shop at 7:30 pm and we could tell they were bleaming through the phone.

North Wilkesboro Premiere!
Even though Elkin edged us out by just a little, we had a shop full of great customers! Very Berry Paisley proved to be our #1 sellers with Hello Dahlia, Slate Blooms and Barcelona equal in sells and close behind Very Berry! One thing, we enjoyed was the many mothers and daughter shopping together of all ages. It really made us think about having a mother-daughter event in the near future.

We will be announcing our doorprize winners at both locations on Friday. Eight super customers will be winning two fifty dollar gift certificates, Vera Bradley stationery, and two Rope Handle Tote in Starry Night!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Today is the Day! New Vera Bradley Has Come to Town!

Make this Fall the most colorful ever! Choose from Barcelona, Hello Dalhia!, Slate Blooms and Very Berry Paisley, plus many new styles and collections too!

Please do not forget about our special evening celebration. If you would like us to hold an item for you until tonight, please give us a call at our Elkin shop (526-4438) or North Wilkesboro (667-4556).

Please Join Us at Our Premiere Parties Tonight!

Just a reminder of our party details...
Then we are finishing off the day with a special Vera Bradley Premiere celebration. We want to do a little something special for our Vera Bradley customers to show you how much we have appreciated our patronage over the years. We will be offering a $50.00 gift certificate as a door prize at each of our Ivy Ridge location & 4 other Vera Bradley items to win! Also everyone who makes a Vera Bradley purchase between 5:30-7:30 pm will get to pick from our Vera Bradley basket full of little Vera Bradley collectors' items!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You Would Love to See You at the Premiere!

Our new Fall Vera Bradley colors and styles will be available to purchase this Thursday, July 8th at 9:30 am! Please stop by to see all the new stuff.

Party Details!
Then we are finishing off the day with a special Vera Bradley Premiere celebration. We want to do a little something special for our Vera Bradley customers to show you how much we have appreciated our patronage over the years. We will be offering a $50.00 gift certificate as a door prize at each of our Ivy Ridge location & 4 other Vera Bradley items to win! Also everyone who makes a Vera Bradley purchase between 5:30-7:30 pm will get to pick from our Vera Bradley basket full of little Vera Bradley collectors' items!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Come Tweet with Me!

For our area, communicating with Twitter between friends is just getting started, however I have found it to be great fun and there are tons of information to be found and followed. Here is a quick way to get started!

What is Twitter?
Twitter allow a person to broadcast short messages (known as "tweets") to anyone who wants to receive them. Plain and simple is a form of communication kind of like instant messaging that goes out to a lot people at one time. It is fun to get a group of friends to all join and then if you want to let your friends know you watching great movie or heading out to dinner, then you can send them all a quick message without having to send a dozen emails. You can also use Twitter kind of like a online magazine. You want to learn a little more about people or follow the New York Times, you can simply follow their tweets.

Getting An Account
Go to and look for the "Get Started - Join" button and then follow a pretty simple sign-up process. You will be asked to makeup your screen name when signing up. You should give this some thought, because the more about you it is the easier it is for people to find you. You may want to go with your full name or part of your name or you may want to a name that relates to your business or work. Either way it makes it a lot easier for people to find and follow you.

Once you've set up your account, start looking at other users and see what catches your interest and start following them. Their tweets will start to show up on your Twitter page. Twitter helps you find your friends as part of the registration process. You'll have to hand over temporary access to your email account and Twitter will go through your email list and find any of your contacts that are already using Twitter. I would also suggest that you recruit a group of personal friends to all begin at the same time, which is lots of fun.

Personalizing Your Profile
Once you've set up your account and sent emails out to your friends, you'll be taken back to the Twitter home page with an invitation to join the conversation. Before you do this, I'd suggest you look over to the right side of the screen at your Twitter control panel. That box will show your avatar (which starts as a default set of eyes on a brown background) and your screen name. It also tracks how many people you are following and are following you, how many direct messages you've received and how many tweets you've posted. If you look at the top right spot on the box, you'll notice a link that says "your profile." Simply click on the "add a photo" box next to your screen name and you'll quickly shift into the full profile area of the site. You can upload a photo to represent you which will show up next to your posts. You can also opt to make your tweets private and you can approve all your readers.

You can then let Twitter know how you'd like to receive updates. There are three main ways: 1) You can go to the web site to read them, 2) On your mobile phone if you have internet (I would not suggest using text messages, because you will get tons of texts, and 3) Via an instant messenger program on your computer screen. Finally, you can change the settings on your Twitter page to customize it.

Keep it Short & Tweet!
Remember, tweets are limited to 140 characters. That's not much in the way of sharing thoughts, but the whole point of Twitter is to communicate in thought bursts.

That's enough to get you started with an account on Twitter. First thing to do is looking for us, Ivy Ridge Traditions. Our twitter screen name is Shopivyridge, come and tweet with me!

Click Here to See Our Twitter Page!

Monday, July 5, 2010

We have received a delightful new line from the makers of our Willow Tree Collection and it is an adorable color brust. Below is a little information to show you the heart and spirit of the artist behind it.

The famous Demdaco Willow Tree Collection creators presents Colorful Devotions is a beautiful inspiration line of sulptures and frames that warms the heart with color. As a first grade teacher, Holly Christine Moody loves finger painting, signing and inspiring little ones to be themselves. As an artist, Holly loves to surround herself with bright colors and finds that through art, she is able to truly relax. She hopes that these two passions combined with her faith will bring cheer and inspire others. “I want my art to be a bright spot in people’s homes that reminds them to have hope, have faith and embrace love.”
This collection is available at either shop location.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Yes, We Are Open on July 5th!

Stop by and see us on Monday at both our North Wilkesboro and Elkin locations. We would love to hear about everyone's 4th of July weekend! We hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Big July Thank You to Our Blog Readers!

Thank you for following our blog! Print out the above coupon and use at one of our two Ivy Ridge Traditions locations. You are welcome to right click on the above image and save it in a Word document to save ink and for the ease of printing.