Saturday, July 18, 2009

RS Covenant Rings Are Restocked in NW Shop!

Yes, we are back in stock with most of the sizes (5-10) in all our rings. There is not enough blog space in this little post to list all the good things about RS Covenant Rings! They are both sterling silver and fashion jewelry, however the company offers an unconditional guarantee on each piece. Unconditional!!! Straight from their website: If, for any reason, a customer isn’t completely satisfied with our product they can return it to us, as stated on the guarantee form, and we will repair or replace it at no charge. They also use great quality stones as well.

When you are in the NW shop look for a glass box with a pyramid of rings, all the rings are sealed in the case. You just ask one of us and we have all the sizes in a storage case by the gift wrap on the counter. Right now we just sell RS Covenant in our North Wilkesboro location, however we are hoping to add them to our Elkin shop soon.

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