Monday, July 27, 2009

Quick Trip to Myrtle Beach!

Most folks head to the beach for the surf and sun, but not us! We go for the Avett Brothers! Allison and Mackenzie attended their concert at the House of Blues. Allison is a huge Avett Brothers fan. The second photo was made with the actual band when they visited West Wilkes High School during their Merle Festival weekend. You should really check this band out. They are local Charlotte guys, however they appeal to all ages!
Here is a link for ya:
We also did some shopping and a few other attractions, however we are limited because Mackenzie has just had knee surgery and could not get in the pool or walk more than a few steps. You can see she is in a wheelchair in the photo above. Boy, a wheelchair in crowded public places is a whole other blog topic. We all have a new respect for folks who have to depend on a wheelchair each day.

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  1. Poor Mackenzie! I feel her pain as I was there not too long ago. I hope she recovers soon!