Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pets are Scared of Thunderstorms Too!

Photo Note: Ashley, our Elkin Manager, with her dogs (or should I say her children), Nigel and Max

After watching the weather tonight, I decided to go with the idea of making your pets comfortable during storms. It looks like we have a 30% chance of storms in our area all week.

Does your cat or dog have an animal anxiety attack during a thunderstorm? A pet isn't scared of the flashes of lightning or the boom of thunder like you or I rather it is the feeling of the build up of static electricity on their hair. Use a dryer sheet to help your family pet to ease their thunderstorm phobias. Simply, rub a dryer sheet on your pet's coat to remove the static electricity to help reduce or eliminate their discomfort. Keep in mind I am no pet expert rather I like to share tips of interest. I have been told this only works about 50% of the time, however it could be a pet to person bonding experience-not to mention your pet will smell better!

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