Thursday, July 9, 2009

Macaroni Mania at the OK Cafe!

We made it! Our drive down was long and we ran into a ton of rain in Georgia to the point we had to pull our little Honda Civic Hybrid over for a break. All the big trucks were blowing by us in rain so hard you could barely see the road!

However, let’s get on with the great food we discovered. We ate dinner at the OK Café which claims to be an “Atlanta phenomenon.” Well, in my ten years of visiting Atlanta, I was not aware that such amazing triple cheese macaroni existed in this world! And yes, the waitresses in the café really do wear that cute outfit and have a true southern charm.

The OK Care has been touted in such great publications as SOUTHERN LIVING, FORBES AND LADIES HOME JOURNAL, however now they have really made it to the big time with our IVYRIDGE BLOG! Don't you agree!

OK Cafe website link:

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