Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Family Budget: 4 Quick Ideas for Saving Money

I know the economy is still on everyone’s minds and I would love to watch my 401K starting heading in the right direction!

1. Have a yard sale! This would be a great way for some extra spending money during your vacation this summer or to pay for a much needed home repair.
2. The early bird gets the best selection, so start your Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving. By buying early, you can stretch out your holiday budget over several months.
3. Money experts say your car payments should be less than 5% of your family’s pre-tax income. If you have two nice vehicles, consider selling one and buying a used car that you can purchase with cash.
4. Get organized with a grocery list! Go with a list of what is needed for the week and stick to it. Without a list, I find myself coming home with 2 to 3 items that I already had at home, plus this gives you an opportunity to organize and use coupons.

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