Thursday, July 2, 2009

Crystal Rainbows! Just Arrived Today!

We have had so many requests that we have again added the Crystal Rainbows ($79.99 retail price) to our inventory. We received Dark Brown and Black today in the North Wilkesboro shop. The Expresso Brown in the Crystals did backorder, however Rainbow will hopefully send them soon. I am going to get myself a pair. I love them-comfort and bling! What more could a girl want?

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  1. Just a moment to say IVY RIDGE HAS BAGGALLINI!!!
    I just put you in my blog at

    Hi Ivy R. I'm a customer. I bought baby gifts for my cousins new twins there a little while ago. I got my newsletter last week and I got a birthday card to me! I don't know which discount to use first!

    I'm so glad you are in Elkin. The shop is beautiful and full. And BAGGALLINI! I bought my son his first suitcase and backpack from them when he was 4 ( He is now 16) They DO not wear out! It fit him perfectly and we were able to take a vacation to Jamaica with his aunt. He could roll his case with the rest of us.

    I bought another baggallini bag to take to Ireland and England in 2004. It is so perfect, lightweight, waterproof and with a place for everything. It is NCSU red like the one in the newsletter. I'm wondering if you have them in other colors - black or brown or navy? Well, now I want it for everyday... otherwise, it should be Carolina Blue. Maybe the giraffe print....