Wednesday, July 15, 2009

And Our Sale Goes On!

Our Sale Night Premiere was a success in both stores. We were excited to have people waiting at both shops when the doors opened. In North Wilkesboro, we had an exciting afternoon, because our computer was down. Double Edge Technologies were nice enough to stop everything and help us get it going again. The computer was fixed at 5:45 pm-15 minutes before we opened!

Our sale is continuing and below is a small listing of items:
50% off all Yankee and Beanpod Candles
60% off all reminding retiring Vera Bradley
50% off a large selection of children's clothing
50% off Spring Spartina purses and regular purses
40 to 50% off a ton of garden decor
50% off Casafina Stoneware
60% off Casafina Glassware (NW store only)

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